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Q1: I am ready to be coached and take coaching seriously.

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Q2: I am ready to go “all-in.”

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Q3: I am ready to do the work needed.

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Q4: I am willing to take a risk and be vulnerable.

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Q5: I am willing to try new things and will trust my coach.

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Q6: I will be wholly truthful to myself and my coach.

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Q7: I will work to eliminate self-sabotage and other self-defeating behavior.

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Q8: I see coaching as an investment in my life.

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"Six months ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have gone through the trauma of surgery and now, chemotherapy treatments. Life coaching with Chantal is helping me cope with the overwhelming events of the past few months and their impact on my life moving forward. With Chantal's skills, I'm able to work towards reclaiming my 'normal' life. Chantal's approach is intuitive, gentle and supportive while being structured and efficient. Her spirituality and positivity are contagious. I'm blessed to have Chantal as my Life Coach." – Lucie B.

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