3 Requirements To Create Change In Your Life


How to Effectively Create Change in Your LifeA blue button with the word Change on it

Is there an area of your life that you would like to change? You’ve tried making changes and had some progress but somehow ended up back where you started or even further behind?

Maybe you want to take some dance lessons, you want to lose weight, you want to have healthier relationships, you want to control your temper, you want to feel empowered, you want a better job, or more money…Often, I’ve found myself struggling when visiting that subject (Money). That seems to be quite the popular one!

A great leader once told me “Chantal you need to stop focusing on lack of and focus on abundance” I didn’t realize until recently how profound that statement was…From that I was able to create my own formula for success.

Today, I’m sharing this formula with the world as many of my clients have found this formula to be extremely effective for them as well.

 My Goal, my passion, and my desire here is to help you create positive changes in your life – one step at a time…

 Get Passionatepassion

For any change to be an effective one, you must see the change as being a necessity. If the change is a “just because”, and there is no real motivation, it won’t be sustainable because anything “just because” is also “ok not to have”. The stronger your passion and desire for the change, the stronger your motivation becomes. And the result: Effective lasting change.

Step 1.  Ask yourself: “What is something I WANT to change in my life right now”? Write down the answer to this question somewhere. You’ll need it for later.

Begin at the Core of yourself

Thoughts are the core of all behavior. Before you can change your actions, you must change your thoughts. To make a change really means challenging your current perception. It is impossible to keep all the same perceptions and still expect to change.

Step 2. Look at the answer you just wrote down to the question above. What perceptions are you holding onto that are preventing you from making a change? Challenge those perceptions. Explore the possibility of those perceptions being false. Understand that what worked before to get you where you are probably won’t work to get you where you ultimately want to go.

Formulate the Habit

Once past perceptions have been challenged, think about what actions you can take right now that will help you see new possibilities. What actions are now possible that weren’t possible before?

Step 3.  List as many actions as you can to make changes now and prioritize the list to choose one action at a time that would make a positive impact in your life and start the process of creating effective change.

habitNow, all that is left to do is take action and then repeat it until it becomes a habit.

Don’t give up! Think of things that can help you shift your perceptions, e.g. creating a vision board, reading up on the changes you want to make, talking to people you wouldn’t normally talk to, getting out of your comfort zone.

The power to create all things is already inside of you…Just Power it up…Change it up!.

  “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


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